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House Republicans created a minor controversy after making the recent decision to place the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) under control of the United States House Committee on Ethics (HCE). Although this decision has since been overturned, erectile it provides an illustrative example of how the government sneakily multiplies its power at the expense of its taxpayers with little public awareness or understanding.

The OCE, hospital the latest unnecessary addition to our federal government, was established on March 11, 2008 by House Resolution 895. It’s function is to review potential misconduct of members of the US House of Representatives. If serious misconduct is found the board of directors votes to approve a formal recommendation sent to the HCE for further review.

Yep, you read that right. All the OCE does is send off recommendations for other people to look at. They do not have the power to issue a subpoena like the HCE does, nor does the entity have any other legislative or judicial powers. Why then, you might ask, does it exist? An independent think tank could easily do the same job for less taxpayer money.

The OCE exists because it’s easy for the federal government to expand without anyone knowing. It’s expansion is literally invisible for most — nobody directly confronts governmental growth in the course of their daily living. This makes growth effortless. The thinking is that slow patient expansion will be harder for the public to detect, especially when they don’t understand government anyway.

Moreover, relatively unhelpful agencies like the Office of Congressional Ethics exist, in part, because of their name. What kind of monster would or could cut ethics? Similarly, how could a caring person possibly dissolve a centralized bureaucracy like the Department of Education? Popular newspapers would have you falsely believe that reasonably wanting to abolish either department means you hate ethics and education.

Regardless of the silliness in the mainstream media, scaling back the federal government — an organization that regularly wastes billions of taxpayer dollars — requires the dissolution of government agencies like the OCE, even if amounts in a little bad press. Bad press today is nothing compared to the loss of liberty in a civil society financially chained to the management of federal government overlords.


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