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After destroying Ukraine in 2014, Asst. Secretary of State Victoria Nuland is now trying to stage a coup in Cyprus. This fits in with the plan to by the out-going Obama administration to subvert any possible détente between Russia and the U.S.

The latest development is the meeting between the two presidents of the two governments in Cyprus, scheduled for today.

The push to get a “Cypriot solution” has been building for months and the January 12th summit in Geneva is the key date, since it is a week before Donald Trump is inaugurated as the next U.S. President.

Since 1974 Turkish troops have occupied the island and an uneasy balance exists between Turkey and Greece.  Nuland and the EU are pushing for a variation of the 2004 UN proposal resoundingly rejected (more than 80% of Cypriots against) which would make the island a protectorate of the EU and strip its local government of any power.  Nuland also wants Turkey’s admission into the EU fast-tracked, but that is not going to happen.

Why the sudden need for this to be resolved?  Why did Cypriot President Anastasiades announce accepting the latest proposal on December 1st without any prior fanfare?

The Cyprus Retreat

The goal of British and American foreign policy for more than 100 years has been the bottling up of Russia, denying them access to warm water ports.

Now, because the U.S. and NATO have lost the Black Sea at Sevastopol and likely the Bosporus and Dardanelles with Turkey moving into Russia’s sphere of influence, Cyprus is the next logical point of retreat.

And it is likely the neocons/globalists standing behind Obama don’t think Trump will see this as a priority.  This is a rearguard action.  That also has a major energy component as well.

The goal of the summit is to get Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Turkish President Erdogan and Cyprus President Anastasiades to agree to the proposal, bypassing any pesky democratic outcry from Cypriots.

In short, this would be a coup, executed with the strokes of a few pens, but wholly illegal.  From the excellent article at Katehon about this.

We asked the top Greek specialist on Constitutional Law and Honorary President of the International Association of Constitutional Law, Professor Yiorgos Kasimatis, about what and what is not legal for this Geneva conference to do. This is his opinion:

“The Republic of Cyprus is internationally recognized as a full sovereignty state, by its admission to the United Nations and to the European Union. Nobody, including the President of Cyprus, the Greek PM or any international conference are entitled to take any decisions infringing, directly or indirectly, upon the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus or alter its constitutional structure. If they do it, it will be a very serious violation of both the Cyprus constitution and of the Treaties of the European Union. Only a constitutional assembly or the citizens themselves via a referendum, are entitled to adopt such measures. The only subject an international conference could discuss is how to apply the UN resolutions asking for the immediate withdrawal of Turkish occupation forces and the full restoration of the sovereignty of the Republic. It is not legal to connect or depend those international obligations, directly or indirectly, on any constitutional changes in the country. On the contrary, all third parties have the obligation to abstain from any actions or declarations, much more from signing any documents, which constitute a direct or indirect infringement upon the right of Cypriot citizens to decide by their own free will on the fundamentals of their state structure and on the international status of the Republic. All parties should do everything in their power to assure to the Cypriots the conditions for the free expression of their will, without any threats, blackmails, pressures, faits accmplis etc.”

It would allow the invading Turks to remain on the island, under the NATO rubric, as an occupying force while administration of the government would be handled through Brussels.

The Outstanding Questions

There are a number of big questions unanswered by these moves.  The first is, where does Trump stand in all of this?  Israel would love to build a gas pipeline into Southern Europe and since the Syria route is now closed, Cyprus is the next logical path.

Note, that while all of this is going on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s home was raided and his family grilled over old ethics violations.  Netanyahu has a strong relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Israel has made it a foreign policy imperative to gain access to the Eurasian Economic Union as a conduit for trade with the supposedly-hated Iran, for example.

It has been my impression that the two, along with President Trump, could broker a grand bargain that stabilizes the region.  This would not sit well with the neocon/globalist cold warriors currently occupying the State Dept. or the European Commission.

So, enter Cyprus as a bargaining chip for Netanyahu to ‘make the right choice’ after having been shaken down by his political opponents, lest he thinks too much about going off the reservation.

The next question is Erdogan.  He is the real wild card here.  Tsipras is under huge pressure from the EU to accept the deal.  Erdogan, however, cannot do this without approval from Moscow at this point.

So, if this happens next week, you’ll know that Cyprus was bargained away to get the Turks to agree to a ceasefire in Syria along with their assistance in wiping out ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

Lastly, will there even be lip-service paid to the bargaining away of Cypriot sovereignty?  Possibly, but if this proposal is agreed to, it won’t matter if there are post-deal referenda by the Turkish and Greek Cypriots.  The Turkish army will have legal standing to be there and any display of defiance rendered moot.

One would have hoped that Victoria Nuland’s ability to destroy people’s lives would have been also rendered moot by now. More’s the pity.

Tom Luongo is a contributor for Planet Free He is also a Senior Financial Editor at Newsmax Media, Author of the Resolute Wealth Letter and former contributor at AOL Sports. Professional chemist, amateur dairy goat farmer and outspoken Austrian Economist.  You can follow him at:”

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