By: Stefan Molyneux

Question: “During my final school years, my Literature teacher told me that I was full of potential, which I was not using. At that time I disregarded the comment, since I had little interest in wasting more time on school than necessary. Now, years later, I have finished my university abroad and took a year break, using welfare from the unemployment fund.”

“Two months into it, I realized that I am nothing else but a NEET, something I never aspired to be. Moreover, the time off I intended to spend self-studying and developing, is spent procrastinating.”

“Even though I really want to, I rarely feel compelled to do anything. Sometimes, I can’t even force myself out of bed, but I am not depressed, I am alarmingly content. All of that made me reflect on the teachers remark and question my decision. How does one know and fulfill his potential?”

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