Canadians Rally Against Anti-Islamophobia Law

Canadians Rally Against Anti-Islamophobia Law


By: Dianna Khouri |

With just 48 hours’ notice, Rebel Media pulled together a “rally for free speech” to protest against Motion M103, which in essence is Canada’s first “blasphemy law”. More than 1200 concerned citizens turned out, or as one speaker put it, “a crowd of severely normal people of diversity.”

Hosted by Toronto’s Canadian Christian College, the evening’s theme was clearly stated by Dr. Charles McVety, who opened with George Orwell’s quote “truth is critical to a free society” and stated that “we need a revolution in Canada.” It did not come off without a hitch, however. The original venue, Montecassino Hotel, cancelled at the last minute due to security concerns, including anti-free speech activists issuing death threats.

If you are not familiar with Motion M103, it was tabled in Parliament by Irqa Khalid to “condemn ‘islamophobia’ and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.” Since islamophobia is singled out, the clear intent of this “soon to be” legislation becomes one of silencing any person who speaks against Islam in Canada. You can read about the agenda of Irqa Khalid here.

Clearly, the ideology of Islam, currently destroying Europe, is starting to unveil its doctrine of “mandatory thought” in North America. “Sharia Creep” and Islamic “Speech Codes” hiding behind the guise of “political correctness” have now become embedded in Parliament, and are here to stay. Motion M103 is fully endorsed by the Liberal Party of Canada and most certainly Justin Trudeau, whose administration has stated, “we are going to force diversity of thought.”

Lockstep against what the government is pushing, all but one of the speakers were in agreement. Ezra Levant worried about “media gag”; Brad Trost was against “thought police”; Chris Alexander reminded how he and many others fought in Afghanistan to protect human rights such as free speech; Faith Goldy was concerned about her children’s freedom; Kellie Leitch said she wants to get rid of “politically correct nonsense”; Pierre Lemieux talked about our fundamental rights being under attack; and Charles McVety stated that we can love Muslims without loving Islam. Ken Hardy, the only Liberal in attendance was actually in favor of M103, but was concerned that the term “islamophobia” was not clearly defined, and reconfirmed that Canada already has sufficient hate crime legislation.

With that in mind, the anger expressed by people last night was most certainly righteous. It seems there are many who remember a time before “identity politics” when it was not considered racist or extreme for simply stating concerns about the barbarities of another civilization. These newly minted “Canadian deplorables” are saying no to the soft-peddling of Sharia Law that is in direct conflict with western values. They are saying no to a disregard of the rights of the female population. They are saying no to any group of people who demand “special status” consideration. They are saying no to that part of their “tossed salad” culture demanding to “dominate over the bowl”.

  • Carrie ORourke

    If this gets pushed through and forced on us we no longer are Canada, we just stepped through the door toward Sharia rule for ALL Canadians. #NOTOM103