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While speaking at a conference on “Migration and Peace” in the Vatican Tuesday, Pope Francis urged Christians to shift their attitudes towards immigration, as failing to do so is rooted in selfishness and fueled by “populist rhetoric.”

“For those who flee conflicts and terrible persecutions, often trapped within the grip of criminal organisations who have no scruples, we need to open accessible and secure humanitarian channels.” the Pope said.

“More widespread programs of welcome,” he went on, “seem to favor a personal encounter and allow for greater quality of service and increased guarantees of success.”

Pope Francis’ words comes as media attention has shifted to Sweden which suffered from a riot in the predominately migrant suburb of Rinkeby on Monday night.

The initial attention shift by the media came after President Donald Trump suggested during a rally on Saturday that Sweden could face the kind of terrorist attacks that have hit France, Belgium and Germany.

Sweden has regarded itself as a ‘humanitarian superpower’, with some 650,000 asylum-seekers making their way to the country in the past 15 years.

According to Pope Francis, a change of heart is needed because the rejection of migrants is “rooted ultimately in self-centeredness and amplified by populist rhetoric.”

“Faced with this kind of rejection, rooted ultimately in self-centredness and amplified by populist rhetoric, what is needed is a change of attitude, to overcome indifference and to counter fears with a generous approach of welcoming those who knock at our doors,” he said.

In an interview with the El País in late January, Francis was asked whether he was worried about the spread of a populism that capitalizes on “people’s fears,” and preaches “a message of hate.”

He replied:

“For me the most typical example of populism in the European sense is the Germany of 1933,” Francis said. After Hindenburg, “Germany tries to get back up, searches for its identity, looks for a leader, someone to give it back its identity and a youngster named Adolf Hitler says, ‘I can do it; I can do it.’”

While taking shots at the populist wave engulfing the western word, and even attacking Trumps desire to build a wall on the U.S. southern border, the Pope always forgets to mention one thing: the Vatican has one of the strictest immigration policies in the world. And walls…

From the Washington Times:

The Vatican, for its part, welcomes millions of visitors a year — but allows only a very select few, who meet strict criteria, to be admitted as residents or citizens.

Only about 450 of its 800 or so residents actually hold citizenship, according to a 2012 study by the Library of Congress. That study said citizens are either church cardinals who reside in the Vatican, the Holy See’s diplomats around the world, and those who have to reside in the city because of their jobs, such as the Swiss Guard.

Spouses and children who live in the city because of their relationship with citizens — including the Swiss Guard and workers such as the gardener — can also be granted citizenship. But that means few of the Vatican’s citizens are women.

A Vatican spokesman did not return an email seeking comment on its policy.

The pope can virtue signal all he wants, it won’t change the fact that populism is rising mostly because of open border policy which is causing a clash of cultures and rattling already economic fragile nation states.


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