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The fast food industry has been ground zero for the fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour over the past couple of years. Little do these workers know, the lack of skill required for their occupation makes them disposable and well – as harsh as it sounds – not worth the $15 dollars an hour that a lot of them have been “fighting” for.

Recently, fast food giant Wendys announced that it will put self-ordering machines in 16 percent of its locations (about 1,000 stores) by the end of 2017.

The biggest reason for this decision? Pressure on wages.

In the very near future, fast food restaurants will be solely operated by artificial intelligence. The industry will not stop at self-ordering machines to eliminate the need for a cashier, they will go as far as having robots flip their burgers.

From the Telegraph:

A burger-flipping robot has just completed its first day on the job at a restaurant in California, replacing humans at the grill.

Flippy has mastered the art of cooking the perfect burger and has just started work at CaliBurger, a fast-food chain.

The robotic kitchen assistant, which its makers say can be installed in just five minutes, is the brainchild of Miso Robotics.

“Much like self-driving vehicles, our system continuously learns from its experiences to improve over time,” said David Zito, chief executive officer of Miso Robotics.

According to David Zito, the proprietary AI software that the burger-flipping robot operates on can allow it to take on “almost any dull, dirty or dangerous task in a commercial kitchen — whether it’s frying chicken, cutting vegetables or final plating.”

Caliburger plans to install robots in 50 of their restaurants worldwide by the end of 2019.

The restaurant says the benefits include making “food faster, safer and with fewer errors”.

The World Economic Forum said in a 2016 report entitled “The Future of Jobs” that 7.1 million jobs could be lost due to the introduction of automation by 2020. The new robotic way of doing things may bring some 2.1 million jobs with it, according to the World Economic Forum, but those jobs will mainly be in more specialized areas such as computing, math, architecture, and engineering.

Do you see where this is going for the unskilled burger flippers?


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