By: Alicia Powe | WND

The slights to the mainstream media when President Trump was elected were not, in reporters’ eyes, slight.

There was a suggestion that the news briefings would be moved out of the White House. There was a wholesale rearrangement of the order reporters would be allowed to ask questions (depriving AP of the longstanding entitlement it had for the first query). And more.

A wide range of additional news outlets, not just the networks, wires and dailies, were added to those allowed at daily briefings. Spokesman Sean Spicer added “Skype” questions so those outside Washington could participate.

And the combative attitude that Trump established, calling legacy media outlets out for incorrect reporting, grew.

Then suddenly, the testiness, or worse, boiled over.

Gateway Pundit’s White House correspondent, Lucian Wintrich, says the mainstream media’s rage is evident in Friday’s altercation during which he says he was called a Nazi and assaulted by another reporter in the White House press briefing room.

Wintrich said that he was heading to the restroom in the White House when Fox News radio reporter Jon Decker blocked him from entering.

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