By: Trey Sanchez | Truth Revolt

The Hill correspondent Reid Wilson tweeted some harrowing numbers from the last 20 years of harassment payments given from our elected leaders to their victims. Since 1997, there have been 264 settlements at an insane cost of over $17 million of taxpayer money.

Wilson’s tweet includes the following chart with year-by-year breakdown:

2007 appears to be the worst year of all, garnering 25 settlements for a total of $4,053,274. Surely the details of what brought about these settlements is forthcoming, but given what’s been happening in Washington the last few weeks, we’re going to see more abusers of one tribe or another being named.

And the people are ready:

There was at least one tweet which indicates not all of these settlements are for sexual harassment, but until we know the details, we can’t know how many were:

But no matter the context, we the people deserve answers. Let’s see if we can get them.

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  • John Roesch

    The connections of the Trudeau family, the Martin family to Strong, the Rockefeller and Rothschild families needs to be examined. Also Strong’s connection to George Soros needs to be examined as well. It is interesting that people who made money in the petroleum industry are in league with communists and the environmental left in an effort to establish global governance and under mine democracy and capitalism.

    They seem to favor an authoritarian corporate state combined with global control.