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The Political and Economic Mystiques of State Power

One of the mysteries of human history is how a handful of rulers succeed in gaining the loyalty and obedience of large numbers of subjects and citizens.

The “Official” Story Will be the ONLY Story We Get to Hear

Truthstream Media's Melissa and Aaron Dykes break down how Silicon Valley and the establishment are moving to set up a more censored internet in which popular platforms set up by the likes of Google will only feed its users a government-approved narrative of reality.

New Hampshire Lawmaker Equates Homeschooling to ‘Child Abuse’ – Nanny State Measures to be Pushed on Parents

This brings up the question of who has the right to determine the proper oversight of a child's homeschool education. Is it the parents or the state?

Ron Paul: Education Scholarship Tax Credits Help Children and Advance Liberty

Almost all Americans agree that education should be generously funded. The only question is who should control the education dollar — the federal government or the people.

Media Silent as Fed Committee Quietly Passes Act Allowing Warrantless Searches

Amash also noted that the USA Liberty Act is yet another piece of legislation that “furthers violations of our rights under the guise of protecting our rights.” He compared it to the USA Freedom Act, which was passed under similar circumstances in June 2015.