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Ross Ulbricht Loses His Appeal. Here’s What Happens Next.

James Corbett and Lyn Ulbricht discuss the case against Ross Ulbricht and the exculpatory information that was withheld from the jury (and sometimes even the defence) during his trial. We also talk about the loss of his appeal in the 2nd District court and where the campaign goes from here.

Father Of 8 Sentenced To Jail For Distributing Jury Nullification Pamphlets

If educating our neighbors of their rights thus entails a possible stint in the slammer, it may behoove all of us to hit the books — as what happened to Keith Wood could prognosticate a coming tourniquet on the free flow of information.

Can the Government Keep Us Safe?

We must keep ourselves safe, as well as those whom we invite onto our properties.

Ron Paul: Here’s The Truth About The War Between The Alt Right And Cultural Marxists

“Neither side will face up to the economic reality of a deeply flawed economic system and the pending collapse of the American Empire."

New study shows why college students can’t handle free speech

44 percent of undergraduates don’t think the First Amendment protects so-called “hate speech."

The Political and Economic Mystiques of State Power

One of the mysteries of human history is how a handful of rulers succeed in gaining the loyalty and obedience of large numbers of subjects and citizens.

Once Only Blacks Were Enslaved, Now We All Are

In the USA money resides in the hands of the military/security complex, the Israel Lobby (US taxpayers give the money to them), Wall Street and the Banks Too Big To Fail, real estate and insurance, and environmental polluters such as energy, mining, electricity production, and agribusiness. No one else has any money. Therefore, these interest groups determine US domestic and foreign policy.