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Scientists Explore the Side Effects of Chemtrailing the Planet In Ongoing Study

The idea of using geoengineering to combat the hotly debated topic of climate change is making headlines more and more as time goes one. It also turns out that openly-admitted geoengineering experiments are being more common.

Tech Billionaires Are Secretly Funding a Plan to Break the Human Race out of The Matrix

In recent years, a number of high-profile figures have come out to state their belief that we are living in a simulation.

Moon Express: Lunar Outpost to Be Built by 2020 for Space Mining Operations

Moon Express representatives unveiled the plans Wednesday at a hearing before Congress’ Science, Space and Technology Committee. The company got approval from the United States government to launch its first craft, the MX-1E, in August of last year.

5 Ways Smart Phones Are Dumbing People Down

As technology advances, it is going to be encroaching us more and more and ultimately invading our bodies and brains. But we don;t have to give up out humanity...