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Meadows: Govt Shutdown Possible If Spending Bill Doesn’t Fund Trump’s Wall

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks echoed Meadows' message in a new Senate ad released on Monday, saying that if he's elected he'll "fight every spending bill that doesn't fund that wall."

Painting Of Jesus Investigated As A HATE Crime

Police on Long Island are investigating after someone hung a large painting of Jesus Christ on a fence at a mosque early Friday evening.

Trump: “Comey Leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION To The Media. This Is So Illegal”

Judging by Trump's tweet, as we expected, this is just the start of the next round of recriminations between the president and Comey. We look forward to an official statement from the former FBI chief next.

After Trump Bows To Saudis, Decision To Release Evidence Of Saudis Funding 9/11 Gets Reversed

President Trump’s change in attitude towards Saudi Arabia has apparently had a trickle-down effect, as a federal judge in Miami has reversed her decision to push for the release of crucial documents revealing information on the funding of the 9/11 attacks.

Kurt Nimmo Argues that Alt-Righters are Useful Idiots for Global Elite

Here’s the kicker. Mnuchin teamed up with George Soros and established SFM Capital Management in 2003. Soros is a major proponent of globalism.

Knife-Wielding Man Posing as Senator tried to Reach Ivanka Trump in Trump Tower

A police search of the man found that he was carrying two throwing knives, along with a weighted sock and a fake New York State I.D. card.

US Army says female soldiers should shower with trans soldiers who have male genitalia

The United States Army is now training active-duty officers to accept transgender individuals into the bathrooms (and showers) of that individual’s preferred gender, according to an excerpt from the official training manual.

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Deputy on Paid Leave After Child Porn Charges

On Wednesday, the judge set Godbey’s bond at $300,000, put him on house arrest and prohibited any contact with persons under the age of 18.

Women’s March Organizer Calls For Jihad Against “Fascists And White Supremacists And Islamophobes Reigning In The White House”

The far-left and radical Islam have made strange bedfellows in recent years. You would think that they’d be completely in opposition to each other, given how different their values are, but the far-left is shockingly tolerant of radical Islam.

14 Facts That Prove That America’s Absolutely Pathetic System Of Public Education Deserves An ‘F’ Grade

Many refer to what is happening to our society as “the dumbing down of America”, and if we don’t get things fixed the United States is on course to become a second class nation.