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‘Even without nukes, military conflict with N. Korea will turn South into desert’

If the current situation in East Asia is not resolved, a number of countries “will be living under a threat of a nuclear volcano erupting,” Russian diplomat and an expert in Asian studies, professor Georgy Toloraya told

UK plans ‘significant uptick’ in Afghanistan special ops

Hard on the heels of Donald Trump’s decision to wage a more aggressive war in Afghanistan, London reportedly prepares to ramp up SAS covert operations there. According to British intelligence, Afghanistan could fall to the Taliban if the US pulled out.

Trump and the War Party

Daniel McAdams from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity joins Jeff Deist to discuss Trumpian foreign policy in light of the president's recent speech on Afghanistan.

US Officials: ‘Win’ in Afghanistan Would Be a Political Settlement

US Commander Urges Taliban to 'Lay Down Your Arms'.

Saudi-led airstrikes kill up to 14 civilians, including children – witnesses

The news comes two days after a Saudi bombing killed dozens of people, most of them civilians, in a Sanaa hotel reportedly located next to a rebel checkpoint.

The Truth About Yemen – With Vanessa Beeley

More than two years after a Saudi-led coalition began attacking Yemen, the country is a wasteland. Thousands of airstrikes, scores of children killed, epidemics, misery. Who's really responsible and what can be done?

Military-Industrial Complex Stock Prices Surge After Trump’s Afghan War Speech

Despite the president’s previous calls to cut wasteful spending in government, the Pentagon he continues to prop up is one of the worst perpetrators of inefficiency and careless expenditures, which can be traced back to its heavy reliance on contractors.

North Korea On Standby To Launch At Mainland US

According to state run propaganda media, North Korea is on standby to launch a missile at the mainland United States.  Responding to President Donald Trump’s recent warnings to the rogue regime in this manner has just flung tensions to heights never seen – not even during the Cold War.

China Warns Trump: “We Will Prevent A North Korea Regime Change”

In a troubling repudiation of President Donald Trump’s demands that Beijing do more to rein in its bellicose neighbor, Beijing, through the state-owned media, cautioned the US president on Friday that it would intervene (militarily) on North Korea’s behalf if the US and South Korea launch a preemptive strike to “overthrow the North Korean regime,” according to a statement in the influential state-run newspaper Global Times.

Can US Attack North Korea and Claim ‘Self Defense’?

In the course of trying to structure the narrative around soaring tensions with North Korea, the Trump Administration has made major efforts to play up North Korea as an imminent threat, and the possibility that North Korea might attack as a realistic possibility.