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The Hidden Story Of Whats Really Happening In Africa

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange interviews Marc Abela on Niger, Somalia and American policy under President Donald Trump.

Putin: Trump different in real life than on TV, we can restore relations with US

Putin reiterated that there is no reason to believe that Russia meddled in the US electoral process in 2016.

Russia Does Not Exclude Possibility Of War With NATO

Current Russia-US bilateral relations cannot “cause satisfaction,” Putin said during an official ceremony at the Kremlin in Moscow.

Millions Face Starvation in Yemen Due to Saudi Arabia’s Blockade

Meanwhile, many of the cretins in Congress can’t be bothered to answer questions about Yemen.

NATO Vows Support For Ukraine Against Russia’s “Aggressive Actions”

Ukraine sees NATO accession as a way to bolster its defenses against former master Moscow. In June, Ukraine's parliament voted to back attempts by the nation to seek membership of the 29-member bloc. It approved legal amendments enshrining membership in NATO as a foreign policy priority. 

Catalan Independence: Out of Madrid’s Frying Pan, Into the NATO Fire?

Media on all sides surrounding the recent Catalan referendum for independence from Spain focused on Madrid's security crackdown on voters. However, what is not being mentioned about Catalonia's ongoing bid to achieve independence, who is leading it, and what their plans are for the region should they succeed, is just as important.

Libya’s Slave Auctions And African Genocide: What Hillary Knew

A new CNN investigation has uncovered a network of slave markets operating in warehouses in various cities across Libya six years after NATO-led intervention in the country toppled the government of Muammar Gaddafi in support of US and UK backed rebels.

Locals Furious At Plan To Dump Radioactive Water From Fukushima Into Pacific Ocean

In the latest sign that the area surrounding the destroyed Fukushima power plant is far from ready for the return of human inhabitants, locals and fishing groups are criticizing a plan to release water containing radioactive tritium from the ruined Fukushima power plant into the ocean, according to the Telegraph. 

Russia working in defense of Kim Jong Un’s regime

Russia has begun working quietly but very diligently to defend Kim Jong Un’s regime in North Korea because it is concerned that a collapse could open the door for NATO or even U.S. forces on its Asian border.

The Saudi Purge is a Global Crisis

The House of Saud is in crisis as MBS consolidates his hold on the kingdom and prepares to transform Saudi Arabia in his image.