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Russian PM: “The U.S. Just Declared Full-Scale Trade War On Russia”

Separately, Russia's foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russia retains the right to impose new counter-measures, adding the US sanctions are short-sighted, and risk harming global stability.

Vatican Press Lashes Out At Catholic Trump Voters, Calls Steve Bannon “A Supporter Of Apocalyptic Geopolitics”

Not entirely surprising to many who see Pope Francis as deeply involved in a New World Order, but this does make explicit his perspective.

Poll: Most Americans Oblivious, But Not Uncaring, to Overseas Suffering

Once Americans are briefed on the relevant facts, the organization notes, "the issue immediately rises to a top global concern."

N. Korea threatens US with ‘greatest pain & suffering’ over sanctions push

Pyongyang insists it needs nuclear deterrence to prevent a military aggression by the US and its regional allies.

Donald Trump Meets Vladimir Putin: Here Is The “Historic” Handshake

While the first official bilateral meeting between president Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin is still some three hours away, moments ago the two presidents finally met unofficially as the Group of 20 leaders met in Hamburg, at which point Trump and Putin shook hands.

Spanish Police: ‘Special Forces’ Ready to Arrest Catalan President Over Independence Bid

Spain doesn’t recognize Catalonia’s referendum, and has accused Puigdemont and other leaders of “sedition” against the Spanish crown. Police suggested the arrest was planned if Puigdemont declared independence without some qualifier.

Crisis Actors Busted Staging a False Flag

Here is an amusing example of crisis actors staging a false flag terror attack (wait for it) ...

Trump Open to Meeting North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

In one of the first interviews of his high-profile tour of the Pacific to talk about the possibility of a war with North Korea, President Trump said he would “certainly be open” to meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, saying he never thought sitting down with people would be a bad thing.

Germany ‘will not automatically side with US’ in war with N. Korea – Merkel

Merkel has rejected any military option for North Korea, while Washington and Pyongyang continue to be embroiled in a war of words.

Moscow welcomes US readiness to cooperate on Syria, but awaits ‘no-fly zones’ clarification – Lavrov

Moscow has noted Washington’s apparent move in the right direction on Syria, but has requested the US to provide details on the proposed creation of no-fly zones as voiced by US Secretary of State in the lead up to the Russian-US leaders meeting in Hamburg.