U.S. News

The Daily Sheeple | Well, we all knew this was coming, didn’t we?

Stefanie MacWilliams | Not even a full day can go by without scandal upon scandal in Clinton-land - even with the media serving as her unofficial propaganda machine

World News

Information Liberation | Can you believe the arrogance of this broad?

Sputnik | The EC will announce allocation of additional 40 million euros in humanitarian aid to the war-torn Yemen, the commission's press service said in a statement Wednesday.


Michael Snyder | Is something going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about?

Mises.org | One can naturally argue that more people are staying out of the labor force because they don't need to work.

World At War

Kurt Nimmo | If Clinton is elected in November, we can expect more wars, more criminal opportunism, and more mass murder.

Zero Hedge | Syrian Social Nationalist Party representative Tarek Ahmad says that the war in Syria has reached a dead end, with the intervention of foreign powers turning the situation into a chaotic mess.


Anti Media | The researchers caution that while some establishments have made progress, the heavy use of human antibiotics in animals is contributing to the serious public health risk of antibiotic resistance.

Mike Adams | he reason so many of these fringe raw food / detox people seem so crazy is because they're severely intoxicated by heavy metals.


Derrick Broze | A coalition of seventeen organizations has launched an effort to combat the growing Surveillance State by supporting accountability measures in eleven cities across the United States.

Planet Free Will | Such a bill could prevent U.N. initiatives like the Strong Cities Network (SCN), that has been described as an overriding of the U.S. Constitution, from commanding inside a state.


WND | 'Government is particularly interested in compliance from healthy young people'

The Free Thought Project | Bob Tuskin, former radio host for Free Thought Project Radio and co-founder of the Free Your Mind conference, was conducting street interviews with folks outside of the Florida Gators game this weekend, when he was swarmed by cops and arrested — without reason.

More News

Reason | On Tuesday, Anaheim became the latest in a growing list of California cities to install police-monitored cameras in public places—in this case, three public parks.

Daily Caller | Trouble began to brew just two days before the “American BBQ” when one of the residence halls withdrew because someone — possibly a student, possibly an administrator — was offended by Uncle Sam-like flyers advertising the campus cookout.


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