U.S. News

Planet Free Will | "Teachers should be able to have guns, trained teachers should be able to have guns in classrooms."

Zero Hedge | A Trump senior adviser warned last week Trump's attacks would escalate after Trump accused Bill Clinton of rape.

World News

Natural Society | The United Nations’ (UN) standard minimum guidelines for prisoners require “at least 1 hour of suitable exercise in open air daily.”

WND | Accusation comes as victims' families fight to sue kingdom.


The Great Recession Blog | The increasingly scarce market bulls are dead cattle walking thanks to zombie economics.

Murray N. Rothbard | Government imposes price controls largely in order to divert public attention from governmental inflation to the alleged evils of the free market.


Jeffery Tucker | Have you heard of the “great man” theory of history?

Planet Free Will | While a long list of universities now hold awards for anti-free speech behavior, the Gov. of Arizona is making sure the first amendment is not infringed upon by colleges within the state.


Prevent Disease | Hallucinogenic mushrooms have been part of human culture as far back as the earliest recorded history.

Green Med Info | New research suggests that maple syrup, despite being a concentrated source of "sugar," possesses significant anti-cancer properties.


Natural News | Evidence has come to light showing that Monsanto has known for decades that glyphosate is carcinogenic.

Planet Free Will | This is brainwashing.

World At War

Zero Hedge | We are confident Russia will echo China's concerns.

James Corbett | In other words, the same US government that knowingly backed the crazy jihadis in the first place are now there to vet which groups to back in their fight against the crazy jihadis.

More News

Paul Joseph Watson | "You’re putting a battery in your kid, you’re putting a chip in your kid. And, where does it stop."

Planet Free Will | The slippery slope brought on by this type of big brother technology is very slippery.

Debate: Do Elections Change Anything?

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