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According to shop owners and managers in the town of Wynwood, Flordia – also known as the “Zika Zone” – the area has been noticeably empty of the usual crowds that form to see the local murals and shop at local businesses.

The slow down in pedestrian traffic coincides with the intensified effort by the state of Flordia to combat the mosquitos which carry the Zika virus by blanketing the town of Wynwood with insecticide.

“It’s actually been pretty much a ghost town,” an eclectic plant shop owner in the area, who was only able to make one sale on an otherwise busy Saturday, told CBS Miami.

Yesenia Candelario at Marine Layer told CBS that it was a “very slow, quiet weekend in the trendy, artsy enclave.”

“There’s a bunch of restaurants here and now we have new shops. So we have a lot of people come in for brunch and tourists who wanna see the murals and shop around,” Candelario explained. “But it’s not like that due to the Zika virus.”

Last week the state of Florida started a campaign to kill off the Aedes species of mosquito by spraying an insecticide called Naled over a 10-mile radius surrounding the Wynwood area.

At least 15 people in the city’s Wynwood area are believed to have been infected with the virus through mosquito bites.

According to Cornell Univerisity, the Organophosphate chemical Naled is moderately to highly toxic by ingestion, inhalation and dermal absorption.


Vapors or fumes of naled are corrosive to the mucous membranes lining the mouth, throat and lungs, and inhalation may cause severe irritation. A sensation of tightness in the chest and coughing are commonly experienced after inhalation. As with all organophosphates, naled is readily absorbed through the skin. Skin which has come in contact with this material should be washed immediately with soap and water and all contaminated clothing should be removed.

In laboratory tests, Naled exposure caused increased aggressiveness and a deterioration of memory and learning.

It was also shown to interfere with prenatal brain development and has a cancerous byproduct.

From the No Spray Coalition:

Naled’s breakdown product DICHLORVOS (another organophosphate insecticide) interferes with prenatal brain development. In laboratory animals, exposure for just 3 days during pregnancy when the brain is growing quickly reduced brain size 15 percent.

DICHLORVOS also causes cancer, according to the International Agency for Research on Carcinogens. In laboratory tests, it caused leukemia and pancreatic cancer. Two independent studies have shown that children exposed to household “no-pest” strips containing dichlorvos have a higher incidence of brain cancer than unexposed children.

Aerial applications of naled can drift up to one-half mile. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, naled is moderately to highly toxic to birds and fish. It also reduced egg production and hatching success in tests with birds and reduced growth in tests with juvenile fish. convulsions, paralysis, and death.

When looking at footage of the aerial spraying occurring over Wynwood, and the fact that the insecticide can drift a half mile, it is absolutely no wonder why tourists and locals would be discouraged from going outside in the area.

Why risk being sprayed with or exposed to a toxic chemical that could negatively affect you neurologically?

It is also interesting to note that the Zika hysteria has been fueled by the supposed fact that the virus causes microcephaly, a birth defect that causes an infant’s head to be significantly smaller than the heads of other children of the same age and sex.

It could be extremely risky and potentially counterproductive to fight the Zika spreading mosquitos with Naled considering the lab tests that show reduced brain size of 15 percent in animals exposed to the chemical.

CBS Miami has reported that the spraying has no scheduled time of stoppage.


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  • Mark

    Fear porn folks. Zika is a real virus and babies will be born with severe defects. Taking away Naled leaves mosquito control with no tools to combat this mosquito. Naled has been used for many many years and is used in very small amounts-many thousands of times lower than a level which causes harm to humans. Trust me… you don’t want to take Naled away from mosquito control. You cannot even imagine the pain and suffering mosquito-borne diseases bring on the rest of the world. Without Naled the southern US would be a swampy uninhabited wasteland. It is infuriating that people get to write idiot articles like this.

    • Klayman

      15 cases of a virus in your area and you want the state dumping a toxic chemical over your head? Crazy.

      • Mark

        newsflash…. the state doesn’t spray for mosquitoes, local county mosquito districts do. Naled is used every summer in Florida and has been for many, many years. Aerial spraying with Naled is not new. Again… there are real conspiracies… this is not one of them. Believing everything is a state-sponsored conspiracy is crazy.

        • Klayman

          Conspiracy? I thought this was just idiotic..

          • Mark

            Hey up to 25 cases now. More coming every day. One of the first diagnosed was a pregnant woman. The pain, suffering and cost of a microcephaly baby is unimaginable for a new family. It is truly heartbreaking and you are not using your heart if you can’t see how sad Zika is. Should we just let horrific birth defects happen or should we apply the best tools we have, however flawed they may be, to try and prevent new mothers and fathers from a lifetime of medical bills, suffering, and heartbreak. I mean… Naled is not great but the amount mosquito control uses is thousands of times less than levels which have been shown to cause harm to humans. We have 40 years of experience with this stuff. Perfect… no. Better than Zika…. hell yeah

          • Lord Windemere

            Mark said:Hey up to 25 cases now.

            When had Zika been shown to cause microcephaly? Could you show us the studies that proved this?

            You need proof you know. This is not a closed issue.

  • Lord Windemere

    I will take Mosquitos over Organophosphates anyday of the week.

    With the Virus-Fear-Mongers, the treatment is always worse than the purported Virus. Ever hear of AZT Mark? Did you know Majik Johnson was tested HIV+ and is still alive?

    Everyone that took AZT died, and it wasn’t from HIV.

    • Mark

      I love a conspiracy as much as the next guy but seriously… you are just repeating nonsense you read somewhere on the internet. Take a trip to Florida in August then report back about how much you would rather have mosquitoes.

      • Lord Windemere

        you are just repeating nonsense you read somewhere on the internet.

        You mean the article stupid?

        Are you telling me that Organophosphates are not being sprayed and I have no Idea what Mosquitos are like?

        This is my personal preference. This isn’t “something that I read somewhere on the internet”.

        Show me where it says, on the internet, how I should feel about Organophosphates in relation to Mosquitos.

        • Mark

          I guess you forgot about the rest of your post. You know the internet nonsense about AZT, Majik Johnson, HIV, purported viruses and virus-fear-mongers. I can see why you are afraid of organophosphates. They clearly damaged your ability to reason.

          • Lord Windemere

            You said: you are just repeating nonsense you read somewhere on the internet. Take a trip to Florida in August then report back about how much you would rather have mosquitoes,

            You referenced only half of my response, and I responded appropriately. Then you had the balls to say: I guess you forgot about the rest of your post.

            You are such a fag.

            The toxicity of AZT and Organophosphates have been well demonstrated. The toxicity of Mosquitos have not.

            Arthur Ashe, Freddie Mercury, and Rock Hudson all died from AZT poisoning while Magic Johnson is still alive. What does that tell you?

            And no, much that I have read on HIV was in the form of books. Real ones; with paper pages. Why are you assuming that I have read it off of the internet?

            You are either a disingenuous shill or an idiot. Anyone that wants to hear scientists question the HIV/AIDS hypothesis using impeccable logic and reason, look no further than

            This asshole responds too fast. This is his full-time job. All he does all day is fill blogs with his psychopathic bullying because he is paid to obfuscate the truth.

            Or he is just an Idiot.

          • Mark

            Why are you assuming that I have read it off of the internet?

          • Lord Windemere

            Of course Mark. I agree.

            These articles are from award-winning virologists, reporters, statisticians, and clinicians. Including PCR inventor Kary Mullis.

            Their arguments speak for themselves. There are significant problems in the methodology used to “isolate” HIV and prove its’ virulence. I still have yet to see an EM if purified HIV from the 1.16 sucrose density band.

            There are also significant issues in the testing for HIV. The proteins tested for are not specific to HIV.

            There are also significant problems in HIV epidemiology. The CDC again changed the definition to create inflated statistics. This leads to a panic.

            There are good books in print that I recommend as well such as Duesberg’s Inventing the AIDS Virus and Virus Mania.

            These people are not wackos. Duesberg still holds his position at Berkely as far as I know. Everyone knows that he is right; but admitting this would be quite embarrassing for many virologists and unprofitable for Glaxo.

            There would be lawsuits.

            But you can figure out the truth if you have the inclination! This AIDS issue will give you much background and an historical precedent for the Zika issue. This is the best place to start for any virus-skeptic since it has the most literature and data.