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In 2014, the Muslim Student’s Association of York University handed out a book condoning wife beating. A former President of the same student organization is now pushing a bill to make Islamophobia illegal in Canada.

Iqra Khalid was born in Pakistan and moved to Canada in the 1990’s. She is a Liberal Member of Parliament, a Muslim, and a former President of York University’s MSA. 

Interestingly enough, despite noting her work as President of a Pakistani student club, her official Liberal Party website makes no mention of her work as President of the York University Muslim Student’s Association.

Allow us to make the political reasoning for this quite clear.

1622682_808430545838605_747995295_nPictured above is a table at a 2014 event put on by York University’s Muslim Students Association. There are several photos of the book in question on the association’s Facebook page. 


The entirety of this book, written by one Abdul Rahman Al-Sheha, is available online for you to read in its entirety. 

Here are some of the most repulsive excerpts.

Wifebeating1 Wifebeating2

Lovely. And here is a choice bit of victim blaming:


Another page is devoted to honour killings.honourkillingThe implication seems to be that if we only would allow stoning and beating of women who commit fornication or adultery, there would be no need for murdering women through honour killings!

And on the lesser credibility given to women’s testimony in Islam:


While Iqra Khalid wishes to curtail free speech by using absurdly broad “Islamophobia” laws, she was at one point president of an organization which is clearly pushing radical Islamist views in the present day.

We who value human rights and freedom of expression must demand an explanation from this elected official as well as this public university. Do you or do you not disavow these actions by the York University Muslim Student’s Association?

We will be reaching out both to York University and to Iqra Khalid’s office for comment and this article will be updated with any new information we receive.

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  • dingl_

    This is some bad stuff.. if women think things are unfair for ladies in the west now? IF this shit goes unchecked wow, we will be headed back to the stone age

  • SCOTUS now

    Totally incapable with western culture. Leftist “tolerance” is meant to bring down Western civ with terrible ideas like this…

  • Kelly

    Wow good article Stef. Proud you shed light on this darkness!

  • Paul Revere

    Great article. People need to know this. Glad to share it to others.

  • Something like this could drag down a politician’s career. Lucky for this one she is both Muslim and a Liberal. It’s excusable, then.

  • Zamir Humud

    she’s kinda hot, I wouldn’t mine beating off to her 😜

  • Gordon Chamberlain

    So the moral of the story is now she realizes that she was wrong .

    • Solution1776

      People should be able to say whatever they want…who gave you the right to regulate what one thinks or says about topics with which they disagree? Speaking about the evils of islam is not hate speech, and islamophobia is not a recognized phobia in the field of psychology…it was invented by the muslim brotherhood to curtail the spread of the fact that islam is evil and oppressive.

      • Jake Bonn

        Actually the term comes originally from Iran in the late 70’s.

  • Wayne Wilkie

    Her crap is totally unacceptable in Canadian society. Men and Women are equals in any and all things. Free speech is an unquestionable right that defines Canada. If you don’t want me to be critical of your wife beating, raping “religion”, don’t try to cram it down my throat!

    • Free speech is not a right in Canada:
      “Freedom of speech in Canada is not absolute; Section 1 of the Charter allows the government to pass laws that limit free expression so long as the limits are reasonable and can be justified.”

  • Do Justice

    Violently intolerant islamic cult of humanimals = an oppressive cult-governing cancer to civil societies.

  • amit jaiswar

    Islam is intolerant to all non muslims. When muslims are minority they will talk about liberalism, freedom, equality and minority rights but when in majority they dont give a damn about minorities.
    Canadians should not fall prey to their tactics or soon you will see some terror activities similar to France and many other countries of the world.
    Islam needs to be reformed and all world should work towards it..

  • Cheryl Gamelin

    She can’t be trusted. And neither can our PM.

  • Bob Fry

    Canadians have accepted all nationalities and their religions, until now! Canadians have a major issue with a Religion that has Ideologies that go against the fabric of our Country. Muslims wanting to implement Sharia Law and ignore the host countries Civil and Criminal Laws is totally unacceptable. This is what Canadians are upset about, the Islamic religion demanding that Canadians confirm to their Religion and customs complete with Sharia law. If Muslims cannot merge into our society then they should find a country that will bend to their demands. We have a Prime Minister that is a Confirmed Muslim but he doesn’t speak for the majority of Canadians. So the verbal comments and abuse has started against your religion.Submitting a private motion M-103 under Islam-phobic to gag hateful comments, goes against our Freedom of Speech, by trying to gag Canadians will only backfire on you and create more animosity against the Muslim religion. The solution is for the Muslim immigrants to conform to Canadian Civil and Criminal law as all other nationalities do when arriving in Canada. Islamic Muslim can maintain it’s customs and clothing in their Mosques, no different than all other religions that have settled in Canada.

  • Jason Smeltzer

    When peaceful Muslims in Canada March and protest the extreme Muslims in Europe and the middle east only then will I be convinced they are not playing on the same team.Has anyone seen this yet ? because I sure havent.

  • Cathy Bows

    MSA is Muslim Brotherhood. She’s not the only one either.

  • Jake Bonn

    Just say NO to M-103! … while you still can….