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Hungary Declares Soros an ‘Agent of Satan’

The Hungarian government has established itself as a steadfast opponent of George Soros and the globalist agenda at the political and social levels, but now they have taken the battle spiritual, warning Soros is executing a Satanic scheme to destroy Europe.

Spanish Police: ‘Special Forces’ Ready to Arrest Catalan President Over Independence Bid

Spain doesn’t recognize Catalonia’s referendum, and has accused Puigdemont and other leaders of “sedition” against the Spanish crown. Police suggested the arrest was planned if Puigdemont declared independence without some qualifier.

Russia working in defense of Kim Jong Un’s regime

Russia has begun working quietly but very diligently to defend Kim Jong Un’s regime in North Korea because it is concerned that a collapse could open the door for NATO or even U.S. forces on its Asian border.

Catalan Independence: Out of Madrid’s Frying Pan, Into the NATO Fire?

Media on all sides surrounding the recent Catalan referendum for independence from Spain focused on Madrid's security crackdown on voters. However, what is not being mentioned about Catalonia's ongoing bid to achieve independence, who is leading it, and what their plans are for the region should they succeed, is just as important.

Russia Does Not Exclude Possibility Of War With NATO

Current Russia-US bilateral relations cannot “cause satisfaction,” Putin said during an official ceremony at the Kremlin in Moscow.

EU Reveals Plan to Import 50,000 More African ‘Refugees’

So far this year, over 100,000 illegal immigrants have arrived in Italy alone, with only a small percentage being deemed proper "refugees" - the majority being nothing more than economic migrants seeking EU handouts and a better life at the expense of European taxpayers.

Muslim Men Terrorize Londoners by Screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ and Playing Explosion Sounds Over Loud Speaker

One witness of the “protest” told the Mail that he was unsurprised to see such a thing occurring in London.

Beijing orders closure of North Korean firms in China – official

Sources told Reuters the banks were warned of the economic losses and risks to their reputation if they did not comply.

Londonistan Mayor Sadiq Khan Compares President Trump to ISIS

Khan said President Trump is “ignorant” about Islam and has a “wrong impression” of the religion.

China caps oil supplies to N. Korea, bans gas exports & textile imports in line with UN sanctions

The UN resolution states that starting next year, exports of the refined oil products such as gasoline, diesel, heavy fuel oil, etc. will be capped at 2 million barrels annually.